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About PT Global Digital Niaga is an e-commerce platform built upon a big dream: to lead Indonesians to enter a new digital lifestyle and give only the best shopping experience for a better life. We are committed to conduct our business with customer-centric minded, striving to deliver the best features and services to satisfy our customers. We aim for an exciting challenge to become the number 1 e-commerce platform in Indonesia by providing the best customer-centric experience for both buyers and sellers. is created by Indonesians, in Indonesia, and for Indonesians; we’re here as an inspiration to channel and empower the Indonesian people to engage and socialize in commercial activities.

We understand this is a big challenge to be accomplished in one night. Yet, it’s a challenge we are ready to take. We realize a big dream like ours requires a big and stronger team. So, for our first step, we gather a group of talented and passionate people as our main power, and we spend a lot of quality time and effort to make our big dream come true.

Our team consists of people who dare to dream and act big to reach their goals. We are the people who always go the extra miles only to provide the best service available passionately and proudly. We work together and become stronger by bringing in the best shopping experience for our customers.

We believe how we act within team will mirror the service that our customers receive. To achieve it, we believe in R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as the foundation of our daily action. By instilling R.E.S.P.E.C.T., we understand and build trust among the team and the customers. We actively fertilize our seed of big dream with their precious trust to This then develops us to grow as a better company with the ever growing value, service, and product.

This is how we aim to deliver BIG CHOICES BIG DEALS for all. And in the end, just like a big and strong team we’re growing into, we could bring the best shopping experience for a better life!

Information Technology and Services
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